Adventures in Chicago Part 2, The Morton Arboretum

Today we decided to go to the Morton Arboretum. We have never been before but heard a lot of great things. Lately Zara has been wanting to run and be adventurous so we figured this is the perfect place for that. The weather was perfect so she wouldn’t get too hot running around. We strolled through the gardens but of course Zara made me run quite a few times. She likes to go the opposite direction than where I am going. There were also a few times where she found the mud more interesting than anything else. Go figure!

There was a beautiful origami sculpture exhibit in the gardens. Such beautiful pieces that really complemented the gardens.

Children’s area


The children’s area was fantastic. There were so many interactive areas like musical flowers, water fountains and cute little cottages.

Zara had a blast running around and exploring every area. She really tired herself out. The second she got back into her stroller she passed out. What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!