Adventures in Chicago

Visiting grandparents for the summer is fun but takes a lot of planning, especially with a 15 month old who gets bored very quickly. You can only baby proof so much when staying over a relatives house. So for most days, we needed to plan lots of activites to keep Zara active and happy. At 15 months, Zara desires alot of independance. She hates holding my hand and hates to be limited to where she can run and go. I have found a few great places that keep her entertained while making her feel like she is independent.

The Chicago botanic garden is great. Its such a beautiful area to walk with a stroller. Getting much needed peace among nature. Zara then gets to run around when we get to an area with a large patch of grass or walkway. She screams in excitement at her new found freedom and I can keep a watchful eye as she plays.

Luckily Chicago also has a ton of museums. Another great place to let loose. Zara loves all the interactive exhibits with buttons to press and different areas to explore. The Field museum had a Jurrasic world exhibit this summer which really entertained her. Seeing large dinosaurs move was so mesmorizing to her. I couldnt get her to leave. She even pointed at a raptor and called it a dog! Hey, As long as her brain is intrigued and curious, I am one happy momma!