Adventures in Chicago Part 2, The Morton Arboretum

Today we decided to go to the Morton Arboretum. We have never been before but heard a lot of great things. Lately Zara has been wanting to run and be adventurous so we figured this is the perfect place for that. The weather was perfect so she wouldn’t get too hot running around. We strolled through the gardens but of course Zara made me run quite a few times. She likes to go the opposite direction than where I am going. There were also a few times where she found the mud more interesting than anything else. Go figure!

There was a beautiful origami sculpture exhibit in the gardens. Such beautiful pieces that really complemented the gardens.

Children’s area


The children’s area was fantastic. There were so many interactive areas like musical flowers, water fountains and cute little cottages.

Zara had a blast running around and exploring every area. She really tired herself out. The second she got back into her stroller she passed out. What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


Egg allergy diagnosis

My little girl has an egg allergy. This took us by surprise since both me and my husband have absolutely no allergies. We expected for our little girl to be the same! Boy were we wrong.

Zara was born at 36 weeks via c-section. We were blessed with a beautiful little girl and I couldn’t be happier. When she turned about a month old we started noticing a bit of eczema on her face. Not knowing much about it, I thought it would disappear soon. I started putting baby lotions, aquaphor, hydrocortisone, you name it but it just wouldn’t go away. We had multiple pediatritians recomend different lotions and things to do. None which helped. Her eczema spread to her arms by 5 months and I just didnt know what to do. After months of trying to keep the eczema under control it suddently started to get less and less noticeable. I was so happy to see my daughters beautiful skin again without all the peeling and redness!

Zara started eating solids about 5 1/2 months. feedings were going great and she was eating alot of variety with no problems. She had her first taste of peanut butter since the new study had just came out saying that babies that are high risk of a peanut allergy should eat peanut butter starting at an early age. She ate it with no problems and I was relieved. I continued giving her a variety of food which she enjoyed!

One day i decided to make my growing girl scrambled eggs for breakfast. I figured it would be such a treat for her. She was around 9 months at the time and not a picky eater at all! That morning i sat her in her highchair and gave her the eggs for her to finger feed herself. The first 5 minutes she loved them and kept eating then. After that she stopped and started crying. As i was cleaning her and the tray I began to notice hives all over her face and body. In a panic I grabbed her out the chair and took off all her clothes and ran to the bathtub to wash all the egg off her body. At this point she was crying in pain and seemed like her face was itching her. I had no Benadryl in the house. I panicked. But pediatricians told me not to give Benadryl to a baby under 1 years old. So what do I do? I grabbed some hydrocortisone cream that was prescribed for her eczema and rub it all over her hives. That worked right away and all the hives disappeared. She quickly went back to her normal self and I was relieved. I quickly put clothes on her and rushed her to the hospital, which was about a 20 minute drive. I needed to make sure that she didn’t have additional symptoms. I needed that peace of mind. That drive was brutal. I was alone and she was in her rear facing car seat. I was so worried about her the whole way there. I kept tapping her making sure she can speak and is ok. Once I got to the hospital, the nurse checked her and made sure she was ok, which she was. I demanded I get a referral to an allergist which I got after some complaining.

I had to wait over a month to see the allergist. We avoided everything with eggs and stuck with organic baby pouches and cut up fruit until we learned more of her allergy. At the allergist we learned that she was indeed allergic to eggs through a skin prick test. We were prescribed an epi pen and told to avoid all foods with eggs as an ingredient. It was a bit of an adjustment in our household but nothing is more important than the health of my child.

Not to lie, I cried when i found out the news. I spent hours on the internet looking up horror stories of anaphylactic shocks in children. Looking up how hard it is to manage. Looking for any story I can of how to deal with it. I was a mess. Thankfully support from friends and family have really helped me get through it. And with a few months of living with this allergy I can say it does get easier. It is not so scary anymore. I no longer have eggs or egg products in the house. It has become just a new way of life for us. Honestly I don’t miss eggs at all anyways!

Adventures in Chicago

Visiting grandparents for the summer is fun but takes a lot of planning, especially with a 15 month old who gets bored very quickly. You can only baby proof so much when staying over a relatives house. So for most days, we needed to plan lots of activites to keep Zara active and happy. At 15 months, Zara desires alot of independance. She hates holding my hand and hates to be limited to where she can run and go. I have found a few great places that keep her entertained while making her feel like she is independent.

The Chicago botanic garden is great. Its such a beautiful area to walk with a stroller. Getting much needed peace among nature. Zara then gets to run around when we get to an area with a large patch of grass or walkway. She screams in excitement at her new found freedom and I can keep a watchful eye as she plays.

Luckily Chicago also has a ton of museums. Another great place to let loose. Zara loves all the interactive exhibits with buttons to press and different areas to explore. The Field museum had a Jurrasic world exhibit this summer which really entertained her. Seeing large dinosaurs move was so mesmorizing to her. I couldnt get her to leave. She even pointed at a raptor and called it a dog! Hey, As long as her brain is intrigued and curious, I am one happy momma!


Starting this blog

Hi everyone!

I am a military wife, serious shopper and mom to my beautiful 15 month old Zara. We currently stationed in beautiful Oahu Hawaii! Being a military wife and mom lets me travel and explore new places with my family which is my favorite thing to do. Also being a Navy wife means Alot of times I am alone in raising our daughter. I have learned alot of things along the way and would love to share my experiences with you!